9 Access Copyright Obligations Relating to Course Packs

PDAD&C#9  2004-2005


TO:    Principals, Deans, Academic Directors and Chairs 
FROM:    Vivek Goel, Vice President and Provost
DATE:  August 31, 2004
RE:   Access Copyright Obligations Relating to Course Packs

It has been brought to our attention that the Access Copyright agreement has not been followed consistently and that royalty payments may not have been made.  At the University of Toronto, in order to provide convenient course pack services and to ensure that we meet our contractual obligations, the Custom Courseware Department of the University of Toronto Press has been established to produce course packs.  The Press also handles all reporting and royalty requirements directly with Access Copyright.  For more information, please contact the Custom Courseware Department at 416 978-7927, by email at custom@utpprint.com or at www.utpprint.com/CP.htm

The University of Toronto’s agreement with Access Copyright, a copyright collective that represents most publishers, allows faculty to copy certain printed materials and assemble them into course packs for sale to our students.  Within strict limits these copies may be made without seeking permission.  The Access Copyright agreement is a national one, negotiated on behalf of universities by the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada (AUCC). Under the agreement there are also several obligations on the part of universities, including detailed reports on works reproduced, per page royalty payments, and credit notices.  

Please ensure that all instructors are aware of these obligations relating to production of course packs and the services available through University of Toronto Press.