71 Interdisciplinarity Committee

PDAD&C #71, 2004-05



Vivek Goel, Vice-President and Provost
John Challis, Vice-President, Research and Associate Provost

Date April 5, 2005
Re: Interdisciplinarity Committee

One of the priority objectives of Stepping UP is to bring scholars and students from diverse disciplines together to meet scholarly challenges through interdisciplinary, interdepartmental, interdivisional and collaborations across campuses and with affiliated institutions.

Among mandates of the Committee will be to:

    • Review the Report of Provostial Committee on Centres and Institutes criteria, modify if necessary, and re-communicate to University. This would include a review listing of current Institutes, Centres, Groups & Collaborative Programs (ICGPs).
    • Assess governance models for cross-faculty initiatives.
    • Identify mechanisms for fostering interdisciplinarity to overcome barriers (for example, via budget models and changes to promotion processes)

The composition of the standing Committee is as follows:

    • Vivek Goel, Vice-President and Provost (Co-chair)
    • John Challis, Vice-President, Research and Associate Provost  (Co-chair) 
    • Brian Cantwell Smith, Dean, Faculty of Information Studies 
      Ragnar Buchweitz, Vice-Principal, Academic and Dean, University of Toronto at Scarborough 
    • Ron Daniels, Dean, Faculty of Law
    • Jonathan Freedman, Acting Vice-Dean, Graduate Education and Research, Faculty of Arts & Science
    • Brian Hodges, Director, Donald R. Wilson Centre for Research in Education, Faculty of Medicine 
    • David Keeling, Bursar, Victoria University 
    • Paul Kingston, Supervisor of Studies, International Development, UTSC 
    • Ulli Krull, Vice-Principal: Research, University of Toronto at Mississauga 
    • Normand Labrie, Associate Dean, Research and Graduate Studies, OISE/UT 
    • Peter Lewis, Vice Dean, Research, Faculty of Medicine 
    • Mark McGowan, Principal, St. Michael's College 
    • Janet McLaughlin, Ph.D. candidate, Department of Anthropology, Faculty of Arts & Science 
    • Susan Pfeiffer, Dean, School of Graduate Studies 
    • Cheryl Regehr, Director, Centre for Applied Social Research, Faculty of Social Work 
    • Michael Sefton, Director, Institute of Biomaterials and Biomedical Engineering 
    • Arthur Slutsky, Vice-President, Research, St. Michael's Hospital

The Committee aims to work on producing a consultation paper for the Fall 2005.

For further information, please contact Helen Lasthiotakis (t: 416.946.0501, h.lathiotakis@utoronto.ca).