69 Computer Equipment RFP Results

PDAD&C #69, 2004-05


To:  Principals, Deans, Academic Directors and Chairs
From:  Vivek Goel, Vice President and Provost
Date: March 29, 2005
Re: Computer Equipment RFP Results

I am pleased to announce the completion of the Computer Equipment RFP procurement process. The selected Tier 1 vendors are Dell and IBM for the following product categories:

  • Dell be a Tier 1 vendor for desktops, laptops and servers
  • IBM be a Tier 1 vendor for laptops and servers

Both vendors will also be offering peripheral computing devices at discounted pricing for all University purchasers. This equipment will be available for purchase on the University’s UShop e-Business site. Dell has already updated its UShop/Premier web sites with the new discounted pricing and IBM will be creating its UShop E-Business site over the next 2 months but their discounted pricing is effective immediately.

As with all Tier 1 vendors, no additional quotes are required when purchasing computer equipment from either Dell or IBM. Purchases from all other computer vendors will require quotations based on the existing dollar limits listed on the current purchasing policies.

Benefits of the new Computer Equipment Procurement Arrangement include:

  • Multiple products under volume purchase arrangement and across-the-board discount rates for products beyond the “standard” configurations
  • Extended warranties to match expected lifespan of desktops and laptops at 4 and 3 years respectively
  • Price monitoring to against an industry-standard index to assure the University best-pricing in the sector
  • Delivery performance guarantees
  • Self-service maintenance opportunities
  • A 5-year commitment from the vendors

The arrangement will be monitored by Procurement Services and Strategic Computing throughout its duration.


The computer Tier 1 agreement with Dell Canada was about to expire in the first quarter 2005 and Marden Paul, Director, Strategic Computing and Sam Campisi, Manager of Strategic Sourcing commenced a review of the computing requirements for the University. A working committee[1] composed of CNS, business officers, procurement and faculty representation was established to develop the criteria for the computer RFP, to evaluate the responses to the RFP and to make a recommendation to the University.

After considerable review and analysis of the responses to the RFP, the evaluation committee recommended and the University accepted the naming of two Tier 1 vendors that provided the best overall value for computer equipment and peripheral devices.

[1] Membership included: Vince Alaggia, Sheila Brown, Sam Campisi, Alfred Cheng, Robert Cook, Ray de Souza, Terry Jones, Graham Kemp, Edmund Kwok, Joe Lim, Marden Paul, Paul Ruppert, Eugene Siciunas, David Sutherland, Stephen Whittaker, Philip Wright. Note: Not all members were present at all meetings.