61 Review of the Office of the Vice President and Chief Advancement Officer

PDAD&C #61, 2004-05


To:  Members of the University Community
From: Frank Iacobucci, Interim President
Date: March 15, 2005
Re: Review of the Office of Vice-President and Chief Advancement Officer

University of Toronto Bulletin


Dr. Jon Dellandrea, who has admirably served the University as Vice-President and Chief Advancement Officer since 1994, will be leaving at the end of June to become Pro-Vice-Chancellor Development and External Relations at the University of Oxford.  In anticipation of the search for his successor, I have appointed a review committee to consider the key issues and challenges that will face the University in the next five to ten years and advise on the role of the next Vice-President & Chief Advancement Officer and on the structure and functions of the advancement portfolio in meeting those challenges.  The review report will serve both to inform the selection of the next Vice-President & Chief Advancement Officer and to assist in establishing directions and priorities for the Division of University Advancement and its two departments, the Department of Alumni and Development and the Department of Public Affairs.

Without limiting the scope of the review, the Review Committee should address the following issues:

  1. The role and scope of responsibilities of the Vice-President and Chief Advancement Officer
  2. The role of the President of the University in advancement work.
  3. The role of the Division of University Advancement in advancing and promoting the interest of the university and its alumni locally and around the world.  The review committee should take account of the recent internal review of the Division led by the Assistant Vice-President, University Advancement, Ms Rivi Frankle.  The review committee may augment this documentation as necessary.
  4. The role of the Department of Alumni and Development with regard to the UTAA and divisional alumni associations.
  5. The role and ongoing development of the President’s International Alumni Council.
  6. The role of the Department of Public Affairs with respect to the University’s internal and external public profile and its coordinating responsibilities with the Divisions and across the offices of the President and Vice-Presidents.  The review committee will have available an environmental scan commissioned from Mr. Peter Donolo of The Strategic Counsel identifying issues facing the University in the short and long term and his further recommendations on an appropriate structure for Public Affairs/Communications.
  7. The coordinating relationship with the academic divisions, and in particular, the support provided to Principals and Deans and their development offices to help realize their academic plans.
  8. The working relationship with the Governing Council, its Boards and Committees
  9. The relationship of the Office of the Vice-President & Chief Advancement Officer to the President’s office and to other Vice-Presidential portfolios and support provided to those portfolios.

The members of the review committee are:

  • Professor Frank Iacobucci, Interim President (Chair)
  • Dr. Richard Alway, President & Vice-Chancellor, University of St. Michael’s College
  • Professor James Barber, Dean, Faculty of Social Work
  • Mr. Brian Burchell, President, University of Toronto Alumni Association
  • Ms Joanne Cole, Executive Director, Development, Faculty of Medicine
  • Professor Elizabeth Cowper, Chair, Department of Humanities, University of Toronto at Scarborough
  • Ms Shari Graham Fell, Governor
  • Professor Vivek Goel, Vice-President and Provost
  • Mr. Ari Kopolovic, Student Governor and Vice-Chair, University Affairs Board
  • Mr. Richard Nunn, Governor and Vice-Chair, Business Board
  • Professor Mariel O’Neill-Karch, Principal, Woodsworth College
  • Professor Ian Orchard, Vice-President & Principal, University of Toronto at Mississauga
  • Professor Peter Pauly, Associate Dean, Research and Academic Resources, Joseph L. Rotman School of Management
  • Professor Douglas Reeve, Chair, Department of Chemical Engineering & Applied Chemistry, Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering
  • Professor Pekka Sinervo, Dean, Faculty of Arts & Science

Staff support:

  • Dr. Christopher Cunningham, Special Assistant to the President (secretary)
  • Dr. Beata FitzPatrick, Director, Office of the President & Assistant Vice-President (assessor)
  • Ms. Bryn MacPherson-White, Director, University Events and Presidential Liaison, Advancement (assessor)

The Committee is set to begin its work immediately.  Submissions are invited from all members of the University community and should be sent in confidence as soon as possible and no later than Friday, April 1, 2005 to:

Secretary of the Review Committee
Office of the President, Simcoe Hall, Rm. 206
27 King’s College Circle
University of Toronto
Toronto, ON  M5S 1A1

Submissions may also be sent by fax to 416-971-1360 or by e-mail to president@utoronto.ca