60 Transitional Issues

PDAD&C #60, 2004-05


To: Principals, Deans, Academic Directors & Chairs
Members of Governing Council and its Boards
From: Frank Iacobucci, Interim President
Date: March 15, 2005
Re: Transitional Issues


I am writing to bring you up to date on a number of issues with regard to the transition to a new Presidency.

First, in addition to the already announced departure of Dr. Jon Dellandrea, Professor Carolyn Tuohy’s term as Vice-President, Government and Institutional Relations, will also be ending this June.  Professor Tuohy, who has held senior administrative positions in Simcoe Hall for the past thirteen years, had agreed to continue in her current role as Vice-President, Government and Institutional Relations, to see through the University’s participation in the Rae Review process and the subsequent Provincial Budget.  She will be returning to research in public policy and related activities, to which she is deeply committed.  We will, of course, have occasion to thank her appropriately for her outstanding leadership and service to the University before her term ends.

Second, the need for a strong and coordinated communications strategy for the University has for some time been identified as a pressing priority.  Mr. Peter Donolo of the consulting firm, The Strategic Council, was commissioned last fall to do an environmental scan of the broad public affairs issues facing the University in the coming five to ten years and to make some recommendations on the structuring and strengthening of communications and public affairs within the University.  We will be addressing this issue in the coming months.

Third, I have now struck a review committee of the portfolio of the Vice-President & Chief Advancement Officer.  The announcement of the review committee membership and terms of reference of the committee can be found in PDAD&C #61.

This review and the report from The Strategic Council are first steps in looking at what structures can best facilitate our evolving needs.  I will also be establishing a process to review our needs with respect to government relations at all three levels of government – federal, provincial and municipal.  It is my intent to have some recommendations regarding structure ready for the next President and to begin the work of setting up advisory committees so that the new President may proceed expeditiously to make vice-presidential appointments as will best suit his or her needs and those of the University of Toronto.