Annual PTR Merit Assessment and Salary Increase Instructions

PDAD&C #52, 2002-2003


TO:   Principals, Deans, Academic Directors and Chairs
FROM:   Shirley Neuman, Vice-President and Provost
DATE:   March 25, 2003
RE:   Annual PTR/Merit Assessment and Salary Increase Instructions

This document consolidates instructions for annual reporting by faculty, for salary increases and for the administration of the PTR/Merit Scheme to assist you with performance evaluation of your faculty members and librarians. The PTR award is based on performance assessment for 2002-2003. Note that these instructions have been substantially restructured from previous years.

Negotiations between the University and UTFA are currently under way. The across-the-board increase for faculty and librarians for July 1, 2003 will be agreed upon during these negotiations. However, PTR increments for July 1, 2003 are based on the prior year's increments increased by the ATB amount (3%) from July 1, 2002, which was part of the arbitration award received in December 2002.

Please begin your assessment process promptly.

March end:
  • Unit head requests Annual Activity Report and Paid Activity Report from all faculty and librarians
  • Faculty and librarians submit Reports to Chair or Dean
  • Chairs submit assessments for Senior Salary members in their units to Deans (deadline will be set by each Dean)
May 30:
  • Senior salary assessments submitted by Principals and Deans to Provost
  • Chairs and Deans complete assessments for each faculty member and librarian
  • Requests for 5% merit pool allocations are submitted by Chairs to Deans in multi-departmental faculties (deadline to be set by each Dean)
  • Dean will notify Chair of merit allocations
June 26:
  • Provost notifies Principals and Deans of awards to members of senior salary groups.
  • Dean will notify Chair of senior salary group awards
July 1:
  • Written notification of performance assessment and PTR must be received by faculty (notification must be provided even if the ATB for July 1, 2003 as not yet been determined)

Download a PDF version of the complete document here.Attachment (257.1 KB).