3M Teaching Fellowships

PDAD&C #51, 2002-2003


TO:   Principals, Deans, Academic Directors and Chairs
FROM:   Vivek Goel, Deputy Provost and Vice-Provost, Faculty
DATE:   March 21, 2003
RE:   3M Teaching Fellowships

Since 1986 3M Canada and the Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (STLHE) have been recognizing the teaching excellence and educational leadership of faculty from across Canada. Over the years, eight faculty from the University of Toronto have been awarded this prestigious fellowship, they are; Derek Allen, Guy Allen, David Foot, Brian Hodges, Herbert Ho Ping Kong, Judith Poë, Ivan Silver, and Martin Wall.

3M Teaching Fellowships are open to all individuals currently teaching at a Canadian university, regardless of discipline or level of appointment. Candidates should show evidence of the following:

  • excellence in teaching over a number of years, principally (but not exclusively) at the undergraduate level; and,
  • a commitment to the improvement of university teaching within the candidate's own institution and perhaps beyond.

Up to ten fellowships are awarded each year at the STHLE conference (to be held this year from June 12-14 in Vancouver). The award consists of a citation, an invitation to participate in a three-day retreat in Quebec and lifetime membership in the society. Fellows, drawn from a wide range of academic disciplines, form a cohort that work individually and collaboratively to enhance teaching and learning at their own institutions and through larger initiatives.

We strongly encourage departments and/or faculty to nominate colleagues who best exemplify the qualities and expertise recognized by this award.

The deadline for nominations is 25 April 2003. However, ALL nominations must be accompanied by a letter from the Provost, therefore you should submit a draft letter and one nomination package to Lynn Snowden in my office no later than 17 April 2003.

For details on preparing the nomination package, contact the Office of Teaching Advancement by email at teaching.advancement@utoronto.ca or by telephone at 416-946-8585.