Faculty Recruitment Initiatives

PDAD&C #13, 2002-2003


TO:   Principals, Deans, Academic Directors and Chairs
FROM:   Vivek Goel, Vice-Provost, Faculty
DATE:   September 18, 2002
RE:   Faculty Recruitment Initiatives

At a PDAD&C meeting in February of this year I mentioned that we were considering ways that the Provost's Office could assist in the University's recruitment efforts in this time of high search activity. I am pleased to tell you about three initiatives that we have undertaken.

  1. Our Academic Employment Opportunities page has a new look. Following the Great Minds theme - where we are putting a human face on the University's accomplishments - this page features some of our Great Faculty commenting on what they enjoy about teaching and conducting research at UofT. All are being featured in a series of recruitment ads that appeared over the summer in the Chronicle of Higher Education and will run through next spring in the AUCC's University Affairs. Our Academic Employment Opportunities page is located at www.utoronto.ca/academicjobs.html.
  2. The University has purchased an Employer Profile on the Career Network of the Chronicle of Higher Education. Our Profile also reflects the Great Minds theme and highlights the intense search activity taking place at UofT. It provides several useful links to our website, including the Academic Employment Opportunities and Working at UofT pages, as well as a link to the UofT advertisements that are posted in the Chronicle. The Employer Profiles home page receives in the region of 45,000 views a month. Since it was posted in June, the UofT's profile has received significantly more views per month than the average number of views per profile. To see our profile, please go to chronicle.com/jobs/profiles/10596.htm. You can post individual ads in the Chronicle for approximately US$195 plus $1.25 per word per insertion.
  3. The University has entered into an agreement with Academic Careers Online, a global academic job site for universities and colleges, to post all of our advertisements for current searches. The company has a global database of career opportunities in education and academia. Jobs are organized under broad categories, e.g. Medicine, Humanities, and Engineering and Applied Sciences, but each job can be allocated a maximum of four of these categories. Not only can job seekers easily search through jobs on the site but they can also subscribe to a listserv, which will notify them of new postings in their areas of interest. Currently, there are over 15,000 people who receive these weekly email alerts. The week after being posted to the University of Toronto Academic Employment Opportunities site our postings will be automatically sent to Academic Careers Online where they will be posted for three months. Chairs of Search Committees will be contacted by Academic Careers Online when their advertisement is sent to the job seekers' listserv. As of today, the University of Toronto has 72 of our open searches posted on the site. To view the Academic Careers Online website and our postings, please go to www.academiccareers.com.

During the next year we will be exploring other means of increasing the profile of your job opportunities. Please take some time to look over the websites mentioned above and feel free to contact my Office me if you have questions, suggestions or comments. We will be conducting a more formal evaluation of these activities at the end of the academic year.