Government of Canada's Policy re Advertising Academic Positions

PDAD&C #23, 2001-2002


TO:   Principals, Deans, Academic Directors and Chairs
FROM:   Adel Sedra, Vice-President and Provost
DATE:   October 29, 2001
RE:   Government of Canada's Policy re Advertising Academic Positions

I am pleased to attach a letter from Ms Nadine Heaslip, Regional Consultant, Human Resources Development Canada, concerning the new policy on advertising academic positions.

As you will note, the two-tier process has been replaced with a new policy of simultaneous advertising and a commitment to "Canadians first" hiring. This policy corresponds very closely to the practice that Ontario universities have been permitted to follow during the last year.

We will be attending a briefing meeting with HRDC personnel on November 7, 2001 and I will inform you of the highlights of this policy shortly thereafter.

I regard this as a tremendous development, one that should serve us well in recruiting outstanding faculty in the high numbers that we anticipate are needed over the next decade.

October 23, 2001

Ontario Council of Academic Vice-Presidents (OCAV)
c/o: Room 115
Stevenson-Lawson Bldg.
London, Ontario
N6A 5B8

Dear OCAV members:

I am writing to advise you of a change in the Government of Canada's policy regarding advertising academic positions in cases in which Canadian universities/university colleges require employment validations from Human Resources Development Canada (HRDC).

As you know, the Committee for Academics (formerly the Tripartite Committee on Foreign Academics) has been deliberating for some time on the two-tier advertising policy, which has been in effect since the early 1980s. This policy required universities to advertise job openings first to Canadians and permanent residents. Only after selection committees had determined that there were no available and qualified Canadians and permanent residents could they advertise for foreign academics. One of the considerations underlying this policy was the limited career opportunities in academia.

In view of the projected increase in the numbers of academic positions over the coming years, and in order to better respond to the human resource requirements of Canadian universities/university colleges, the Government of Canada has decided to revise the policy, after considering the advice provided by all involved parties. We have decided to eliminate the two-tier policy for advertising, allowing universities/university colleges to advertise for all positions simultaneously in Canada and abroad. However, Canadians and permanent residents who meet the qualifications for a position must continue to be given priority for appointment.

This new policy supersedes the previous policy that exempted specific disciplines and sub-disciplines from the two-tier advertising policy, in that all disciplines are now exempt. I would note that this new policy does not affect the Canada Research Chairs Program as positions offered under the program already have the required validation.

A review of the impact of this new policy will take place in 2004-2005, to allow adequate time to collect and assess meaningful information about the labour market for academics. The collected data will be critical to a thorough review of the policy.

We believe this is a fair and workable approach, which balances the needs of universities/university colleges with those of Canadian and permanent resident academics. This change will address concerns about the lengthy process under the two-tier policy, while at the same time ensuring Canadians and permanent resident academics have the opportunity to develop their careers in Canada.

Meetings have been scheduled for November 2001 to discuss the new approach and guidelines with all Ontario Universities. An e-mail has been sent out today providing dates and locations.

I would like to thank the Ontario Council of Academic Vice-Presidents for your support and understanding throughout the academic review. Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to call me at 416-954-7268.

Yours sincerely,

Nadine Heaslip