Provost's Advisory Committee on the Warden Hart House

PDAD&C #22, 2001-2002


TO:   Principals, Deans, Academic Directors and Chairs
Staff of Hart House
Students' Administrative Council
Graduate Student Union
Association of Part-Time Undergraduate Students
FROM:   Adel Sedra, Vice-President and Provost
DATE:   October 29, 2001
RE:   Provost's Advisory Committee on the Warden, Hart House
cc:   The Bulletin

In June of 2002, Margaret Hancock will complete her first term as Warden of Hart House. She is eligible for reappointment. In light of this, the Provost has appointed an advisory committee with the following terms of reference:

  • To consider and review the work of Hart House during the first term of the current Warden (1997-2002).
  • To make recommendations regarding the reappointment of the current Warden.

The membership of the Committee is:

Professor Ian Orchard, Vice-Provost, Students (Chair)

Dr. Robert Bennett, alumni member, University Affairs Board

Ms Judith Chadwick, Associate Director of Government Research Infrastructure Programs

Ms Rebecca Dolgoy, Secretary, House Committee, Hart House Board of Stewards

Mr. W.A. Sandy Henderson, Director of Athletics and Membership Services, Hart House

Professor Ian R. McDonald, teaching staff member, University Affairs Board

Ms Geeta Yadav, student member, University Affairs Board

Carol Robb, Assistant Vice-Provost, Health Sciences (Secretary)

Submissions to the Committee may be sent to Carol Robb, Committee Secretary, by November 23, 2001. She can be reached by phone at 978-6662, fax at 971-1380 or e-mail at

The Committee is to report its findings to the Provost by January 2002.