Recruitment and Hiring of New Faculty

PDAD&C #14, 2001-2002


TO:   Principals, Deans, Academic Directors and Chairs
FROM:   Adel Sedra, Vice-President and Provost
DATE:   September 19, 2001
RE:   Recruitment and Hiring of New Faculty

The University of Toronto is at a critical juncture as we face over the next several years a substantial renewal and expansion of our faculty. During the remainder of the Raising Our Sights planning period we expect to make some 600-700 new appointments including replacement of retiring faculty, appointments associated with the enrollment expansion, and the Canada Research Chairs. Not since the hiring of the sixties has the University had the opportunity to reshape itself in such a fundamental way.

In the next few years we will have the opportunity to realize the planning that has gone into Raising Our Sights. This planning should also include a substantial improvement of our hiring record with respect to visible minorities and other specified groups. I believe that through the making of truly excellent appointments we can both rejuvenate our faculty and programs and take a major step forward in increasing the diversity of our faculty.

As you are aware, we have taken several initiatives to assist you in the recruitment and hiring process. We have established the Academic Opportunities website, which allows for posting of all positions. We will continue to enhance this website with useful information and links to resources that will enable you to promote your positions. You have available to you the services of Rona Abramovitch, my Advisor on Pro-active Recruitment, and of Jan Nolan, who is responsible for the Faculty Relocation and Support Program. In collaboration with Human Resources, my office is committed to doing whatever we can to ensure that your search process is successful.

In the past year we have had considerable support from Human Resources and Development Canada with regards to immigration. While a Canadian's first policy remains the priority, simultaneous searching is now available to all disciplines.

To simplify the immigration process, we have outsourced the handling of immigration files for new faculty to an immigration lawyer. I have also put into place a process to facilitate spousal appointments that appears to be working quite well. We are working to establish reciprocal arrangements in this regard with neighbouring universities. I have obtained Academic Priorities Funds to assist you in making start-up packages to new faculty. Last and not least, I have guaranteed you that my office will turn around appointment files, assuming they are in good order, within twenty-four hours.

My office has prepared this compendium of all the relevant guidelines and memoranda related to recruitment and hiring. The revised guidelines include a more welcoming statement in our advertisements to encourage applications from visible minorities and other targeted groups, and more meaningful reporting requirements of our efforts to hire visible minorities. The compendium will serve as a Raising Our Sights Companion Document on hiring of new faculty. I encourage you to review the material carefully to ensure that you are taking full advantage of conducting the search process in such a way as to ensure a strong and diverse applicant pool from which to make a first-rate appointment. The excellence of the appointment must be clearly demonstrated.

The binder is organized with tabs to make updating of sections simpler. Please take a few minutes with your Business Officer and Administrative Support staff to familiarize yourselves with the content of the binder. If you have any questions please contact the Assistant Vice-Provost for your area or the Vice-Provost, Faculty.

The next thirty years of the University's future will be largely governed by the choices that you make in hiring new colleagues during the course of your terms as Chairs and Directors. I urge you to take this responsibility very seriously. If there are ways in which I can assist you, please do not hesitate to let me know.