PDAD&C Memoranda

Academic administrators who have been appointed under the Policy on the Appointment of Academic Administrators, as well as certain other senior administrators, are members of the Principals, Deans, Academic Directors & Chairs Committee (PDAD&C). The Office of the Vice-President and Provost as well as other senior administrative portfolios send out PDAD&C Memoranda on the PDAD&C listserv. All numbered members are posted on the website below. [Non-numbered memos are not posted as their subject matter is normally of a nature that does not require that they be referenced at a future date.]

It is expected that PDAD&C members forward PDAD&C memos to their respective units. PDAD&C memos are considered public information.  

To find PDAD&C memos and announcements after 1999, please search by keyword here:

The PDAD&C listserv is for PDAD&C members, senior administrative staff members and administrative staff who directly support PDAD&C members. Requests to be on the PDAD&C listserv should be sent to provost@utoronto.ca.