The View from 2012

Towards 2030: A Third Century of Excellence at the University of Toronto (2008) set out long term and overarching goals for the University with respect to matters such as enrolment, the student experience, the three campus model, and resources. Since September 2011, the University of Toronto community has been engaged in a discussion of how we are following through on Towards 2030 - see here. This extensive consultation process included over 40 meetings - town halls on each of the three campuses, sessions with faculty, students, staff, governors, academic administrators, and alumni.  Written submissions were also received.  Towards 2030: The View from 2012 is the culmination of this process.  It assesses the University’s progress towards these long-term goals and identifies the new and ongoing challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

Towards 2030: The View from 2012 consists of two documents.  The first, Towards 2030: The View from 2012 – A Framework highlights the achievements to date and the new and continuing challenges. The second document, Towards 2030: The View from 2012 – An Assessment of the University of Toronto’s Progress Since Towards 2030 provides a more detailed and sustained analysis of the 2012 context and our progress to date in the areas outlined by Towards 2030.