Nursing (Domestic Fees)

The fee schedule for 2016-17 as outlined below was approved by Governing Council at its meeting on April 7th, 2016.

For the purposes of tuition, the academic year starts on May 1st and ends on the following April 30th.

For students from cohorts not explicitly referred to in the table below and for information regarding tuition fees in future years, please refer to the University's Fee Level Commitment for Continuing Students.



BScN, Entered 2015 $8,340 $8,590
BScN, Entering 2016 NA $8,590



MN, Entered 2015 $11,710 $12,290
MN, Entering 2016 NA $12,290
Post-Masters Nurse Practitioner Diploma Program (Part-time), Entered 2015 $8,250 $8,660
Post-Masters Nurse Practitioner Diploma Program (Part-time), Entering 2016 NA $8,660
Diploma in Anaesthesia $16,840 $17,680
MHSc/MN Combined Program See Combined/Concurrent Program Table
Concurrent Diploma in Anaesthesia/MN See Combined/Concurrent Program Table
Doctoral (PhD) See SGS Table