Expert Panel on Sexual Violence Policies: Mandate & Process


The Presidential and Provostial Advisory Committee on Preventing and Responding to Sexual Violence outlined four principles and five major recommendations in its Report of February, 2016. In their Response, Professors Gertler and Regehr endorsed each of the principles and accepted all of the Committee’s recommendations. They outlined the steps that would be taken to address each of the recommendations and announced that three expert panels would be created to support the University’s action plans.

Accordingly, the mandate of the Expert Panel on Sexual Violence Policies is threefold:

  1. To develop principles and recommendations on a new stand-alone policy on sexual violence;
  2. To develop recommendations for revisions to existing University policies addressing sexual violence and sexual harassment; and
  3. To make recommendations regarding a companion document that will explain procedures related to the approved policies.

To do this, the Panel will advise and consult on two key policy issues: 1) the reporting process for sexual violence cases; and 2) the investigation, resolution, and adjudication processes for such cases. Throughout, the Panel will consider how to incorporate principles of procedural fairness for all parties – respondents and complainants – and how to ensure that University policies and procedures reflect those principles.


The University will undertake a multi-phase consultation process with students, staff, and faculty. This Panel is responsible for the current phase of the consultation process as outlined above. This phase will commence in late May and will involve extensive online and in-person consultations. In the next phase, the Offices of the Vice-President and Provost and Vice-President, Human Resources and Equity will draw on the Panel’s findings in order to draft the new proposed policy, update existing policies, and oversee the governance process.