Professor Geoffrey A. Ozin

Department of Chemistry

Appointed a University Professor in 2001

Geoffrey A. Ozin received his chemistry from Kings College University of London in 1965 and his D.Phil. degree in inorganic chemistry from Oriel College, Oxford University in 1967. He was selected as a University Professor in 2001 and was recently named Canada Research Chair in Materials Chemistry, a national award for his contributions to science.

Professor Ozin has made exceptionally important contributions to the fields of materials self-assembly, inorganic materials chemistry and biomimetics - these are three of the most important emerging sub-disciplines of chemistry for the next millennium. His work has motivated widespread fundamental and applied research in materials chemistry, which is now an area of great interest to a large number of academic, government and industrial scientists around the world. Professor Ozin's current work focuses on synthesis-structure-property-function-utility relations of nanomaterials and nanocomposites. His research exploits molecular recognition and self-assembly, to organize inorganic and organic building-units into materials with novel structural features over "all" scales. The methodology embraces concepts in supramolecular, colloid, host-guest inclusion, biomimetic and microfabrication chemistry. An attractive feature of the approach is the ability to self-assemble complex structures rationally from modular components and integrate them into higher level constructions for a range of perceived applications. Nanomaterials and nanocomposites emerging from the research may find utility in diverse areas, such as electrically tunable membranes and chemical delivery systems, chemoselective sensors and solar cells, solid state batteries and fuel cells, electronic and photonic devices, bone implants and environmental clean-up of toxic waste.

The significance of Professor Ozin's materials chemistry research has been recognized in various ways. Recently he was awarded the Canadian Society of Chemistry E.W.R. Steacie 2002 CSC Award in Chemistry, the Royal Society of Chemistry Great Britain 2002 RSC Award in Materials Chemistry and the Canadian Institute of Chemistry 2001 CIC Medal. In 1995-97, Professor Ozin held a Canada Council Isaak Walton Killam Research Fellowship. He is a fellow of the Royal Society of Canada. The Royal Institution of Great Britain and University College London University jointly elected him Honorary Professorial Fellow. Amongst his other honours are the Pure or Applied Inorganic Chemistry Award from the Canadian Society for Chemistry; Rutherford Memorial Medal in Chemistry from the Royal Society of Canada; Alcan Award for Inorganic Chemistry from the Chemical Institute of Canada. Others include the Coblentz Memorial Prize for Molecular Spectroscopy from the American Spectroscopy Society; Meldola Medal for Physical-Inorganic Chemistry from the Royal Society of Chemistry Great Britain. The Canadian Institute for Advanced Research elected him Associate of the new Nanoelectronics group and he is a Principal Investigator at Photonics Research Ontario. He serves or has served on the international editorial advisory board of the journals, Advanced Materials, Journal of Materials Chemistry, Chemistry of Materials, Journal of Solid State Chemistry and Cluster Science. He has published around 470 articles in refereed journals, has been granted about 10 US patents and has filed around 10 US patents, many in different countries. His close ties with industry have resulted in numerous inventions and technology transfer. The impressive citation impact of his papers has helped place his published research in the top 100 and has put materials chemistry at the University of Toronto second globally after the Max Planck Institute for polymer materials.