Summary of Changes to the Tenure Review Process

On October 27, 2014, the Office of the Provost and the University of Toronto Faculty Association (UTFA) were pleased to announce that representatives from UTFA and the University administration had reached a tentative agreement regarding changes to the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) as well as changes to the Policy and Procedures on Academic Appointments regarding tenure and promotion for tenure-stream faculty.  These changes to the tenure and promotion process are summarised below:


Original Revised

Initial Contract

3 years

4 years

Interim Review

Begins at the end of the 2nd year with notification of contract renewal by September 25th of the 3rd year. Begins at the end of the 3rd year with notification of contract renewal by November 30th of the 4th year.

Result of Successful Review

Additional 2 year contract Additional 2 year contract and an adjustment to workload assignment for one academic term in order to focus on preparing for the tenure review and to address any advice from the interim review.

Interim Review/Tenure Delay

Requests for delays may be made on the basis of maternity or severe personal circumstances for up to two years. Requests for delays may be based on pregnancy and/or parental or adoption leave or serious personal circumstances beyond their control such as illness or injury or damage to their research facilities, for up to two years.  Further delays based on the provisions of the Ontario Human Rights Code will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Requests must be made in writing by the candidate at the earliest opportunity.

Tenure Procedures

Notification of tenure review in September preceding their review.

Notification of tenure review no later than June 30th preceding their review.  Candidates will be provided with a period of at least 6 weeks in which to assemble and prepare documentation and this will not normally be before July 1.

Summary of Evidence


Will be provided to the candidate at least one week prior to the first meeting of the tenure committee.


Revised Tenure Clock Timetable

Academic Year 1 (1st July to 30th June)

  • Receive initial 4 year contract.

Academic Year 2


Academic Year 3

  • In May, the candidate will receive notification of the Interim Review. 
  • No later than June 30, candidate will be advised of the materials to be submitted.

Academic Year 4

  • Submission of Interim Review materials no earlier than August 31. 
  • Notification of the outcome of the review by November 30. 
  • A successful review will result in an additional 2 year contract.

Academic Year 5

  • Following a successful review, candidates would be entitled to an adjustment to their workload assignment for one academic term in order to allow them to focus on preparing for tenure and addressing advice from the interim review. 
  • No later than June 30, the candidate will be informed of their upcoming tenure review.

Academic Year 6

  • Research and teaching dossiers are submitted no earlier than July 1. 
  • In the fall the candidate will be notified of those to serve on the committee.
  • At least one week prior to the tenure committee meeting, the candidate will receive the summary of evidence. 
  • Candidate will be informed of the tenure committee’s recommendation by April 15.