Faculty Recruitment Toolkit - Introduction

Faculty recruitment should be ‘based on the three C’s of the search process: civility, consistency and common sense’ .
San Diego State University Guide for Recruiting Tenure-Track Faculty.

The student body at the University of Toronto is diverse and that, in turn, requires faculty diversity.  Long-term institutional effectiveness is inseparable from and dependent upon successful and diverse hiring of new faculty.  The responsibility for proactive recruitment lies with those most directly responsible for the recruitment and hiring of faculty – the deans of faculties and chairs of departments who allocate the positions.

The encouragement for proactive faculty recruitment at the University of Toronto recognises not only the diversity of our students and the community within which we live, but the changing demands of excellence in the scholarship of discovery, integration, application and teaching (Boyer, 1997).  While a commitment to equity is an important facet of the University’s new Academic Framework, a diverse faculty also offers role models for our students, expands our knowledge base through research in non-traditional areas and provides a means to transform the professoriate and the academy (Antonio, 1999).  The recruiting we undertake in the next five years will determine the future success and competitiveness of the University of Toronto on an international scale.

The information provided in this toolkit is designed to facilitate your responsibilities for faculty recruitment in three ways:-

  1. To provide details of best practice in faculty recruitment used by universities across North America.
  2. To summarise research which is relevant to the recruitment process and which explains some of the intricacies and issues of proactive faculty recruitment.
  3. To provide resources to use with your search committees in recruiting new faculty members.

The toolkit should be used in conjunction with the Academic Administrative Procedures Manual (http://www.provost.utoronto.ca/procedures.htm) and the Policy and Procedures on Academic Appointments (http://www.utoronto.ca/govcncl/pap/policies/acadapp.pdf).  It compliments the information provided in these two documents, while also offering alternatives and challenges to some of the usual processes of faculty recruitment.

If you have questions, comments or require further details of any of the information included here, please do not hesitate to contact Sara-Jane Finlay, Director, Faculty Renewal (416 978 1855, sarajane.finlay@utoronto.ca).

This website contains six sections to help you throughout the recruitment process:-