Section VI Leaves

Table of Contents

  1. Research and Study Leaves
  2. Administrative Leaves
  3. Leaves of Absence without Salary
  4. Maternity, Parental and Adoption Leaves
  5. Other Types of Leave

1. Research and Study Leaves

Faculty members wishing to apply for research and study leaves must submit their request in writing to their Chair, Dean or Principal by October 31 of the preceding academic year. Recommendation to approve the request should be given by December 31. Final confirmation from the Provost’s Office will be given before March 31.

In the case of tenure stream faculty, each request for leave must be accompanied by a statement of the research and scholarship the faculty member proposes to undertake. In the case of teaching stream faculty, requests for leave must be accompanied by a statement of the activities directly related to professional and pedagogical development to be undertaken while on leave. This statement should inform the decision about whether to support the individual’s application for leave. In cases where a request for leave is being denied, the faculty member should be given the reason for denial.

The Memorandum of Agreement between the University and the Colleges requires that in cases where faculty members hold College appointments, Principals should be consulted with regard to leave requests. In cases where a faculty member has a budgetary cross-appointment, the head of the primary academic unit should ensure that the faculty member’s other department(s) have been consulted.

Please refer to the following documents:

(i) Memorandum of Agreement, Article 4 (Attachment #1)

(ii) Guidelines on Research and Study Leaves (Attachment #2)

(iii) Research and Study Leave Request Form (Attachment #3)

With regard to the Memorandum of Agreement, Article 4, please note that Article 4(c) has been amended as a result of the Agreement on Retirement Matters (March 14, 2005). Faculty members may apply for a six month leave after every three years of service at 82.5% of salary within seven years of normal retirement date, unless the faculty member has entered the Phased Retirement Program, in which case the leave alternative in Article 4(c) will not be available.

For more information on research and study leave arrangements in relation to the new Agreement on Retirement Matters, see Section XIV, Retirement Matters.

2. Administrative Leaves

Administrative leave is awarded to a professor after a minimum term of service as an administrator to permit him/her to pursue his/her academic interests for a period free of all administrative responsibilities.

Please refer to the Policy on Appointment of Academic Administrators

(Attachment #4).

3. Leaves of Absence Without Salary

Leave of absence without pay may be agreed upon by the University and a faculty member at any time. Requests for leave of absence without pay shall not be unreasonably denied; however, leave of absence without pay shall not normally exceed three consecutive years.

Please refer to the following document found in this section:

(i) Policy on Leaves of Absence Without Pay (code number 2.02.14)

[Attachment #5]

Please note that no credit towards research and study leave is given for time spent on leave of absence without salary, except in the case of maternity/parental/adoption leaves.

4. Maternity, Parental and Adoption Leaves

University Policy and practice provide for maternity, parental and adoption leave for faculty members and librarians. PDAD&C #33, 2003-04 (Attachment #6) provides details on maternity leave policy and practice. In brief, the memorandum outlines the University’s intention that no professional disadvantage occurs as a result of maternity. In particular, it states that if a faculty member is pre-tenure, she may request a one-year delay on her tenure clock for reasons of maternity. Please note that a delay in the tenure clock is independent of whether or not there is an actual maternity leave. Maternity leave does not stop the sabbatical leave clock and, if maternity falls within a scheduled sabbatical, adjustments should be made accordingly. Further, PTR should be calculated in terms of the Faculty member’s work prior to and after leave with allowances for a longer term review to ensure no anomalies occur. For further information, consult your decentralized human resource office, the Family Care Office (416-978-0951) or the website, The Family Care Office distributes maternity, parental and adoption leave kits upon request.

5. Other Types of Leave

Continuous child care responsibilities shall be considered reasonable grounds for a member of the teaching staff to request a part-time appointment on a temporary basis at the appropriate pro rata salary. Such a request shall not be unreasonably denied. (See policy on Family Care Leave, code number 2.02.13, included as Attachment #5.)

A faculty member may arrange short-term compassionate or emergency leave with his or her Chair, Dean or Principal with no loss of salary or benefits. Requests for such leaves shall not be unreasonable denied. (See policy on Short-Term Compassionate and Emergency Leaves, code number 2.02.15, included as Attachment #5.)

Policies/Forms/and Other Related Reference Documents

Attachment #

Memorandum of Agreement, Article 4


Guidelines on Research and Study Leaves (PDAD&C #17, 2001-02)


Request for Research and Study Leave Form


Policy on Appointment of Academic Administrators


Policy on Maternity Leave/Parental Leave (2.02.11)


Adoption Leave


Family Care Leave (2.02.13)


Policy on Leave of Absence Without Pay (2.02.14)


Short-Term Compassionate and Emergency Leaves (2.02.15)


Maternity Leave Policy for Faculty Members and Librarians (PDAD&C #33, 2003-04)